BYU Men's Soccer will be holding a one-day Open tryout on September 15th at 8:00 am on Haws Field.  Tryouts will run until 10:00 am, and at that point, a group of players will be asked to return Monday to match up against the returning players.  Open Tryouts will be free and open to any BYU Fulltime student currently taking classes.  

The players who make the first cut will be invited to Monday and Tuesday training starting at 7:30 am.  These players will then join the mix to try and battle against returning players for a spot on the 2017 Fall BYU Men's Soccer Team.  After Training on Tuesday a list will be posted to announce the roster of players who will join training and begin preparations to battle for a National Championship!  

We wish each of you good luck!  

What to wear: White Shirt (no colored shirts), Navy or Black Shorts with white socks.  Cleats will be expected and no indoor or turf shoes will be permitted.  

Tryout Format: Players will be divided into teams with 10 players on each team.  Games will be played 8v8 for 20- 25 min periods.  

DO NOT BE LATE!  Games will kick off at 8:10 am.