Quick Facts

The BYU Men's Soccer Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the BYU men's soccer experience.

It was created to support the individual needs of the players and the program. Donations or money from fund raising will go into this account and the board members will decide how it will best be used.

The board is made of former players or parents of current or former players who rotate on a three year basis.

Board Members:

Deniece Oates (President)
Brian Jolley
Aaron Gabbert
Arthur VanWagenen
Dave Bryan
Corey Cuvelier
Dono & Margaret Peterson
Dale & Janna Christiansen
Steve & Carol Osborne
John & Penny Arens

The foundation's goals include the following:

  • Providing for the educational and individual needs of the players
  • Seeking out and promoting opportunities for the team to further the mission of Brigham Young University, and to excel both collectively and as individual players, by:
  • Participating in domestic regular season league play
  • Traveling and competing internationally
  • Bringing in the highest possible competition for home matches
  • Increasing opportunities for recruiting top players both domestically and internationally
  • Seeking out and providing opportunities for coaching development both domestically and internationally
  • Soliciting and receiving contributions to further the above purposes

To donate or for more information, email Deniece Oates at deniece@oateshome.org

Checks can be made out to BYU Men's Soccer Foundation and mailed to:
BYU Men's Soccer
206 SFH
Provo, UT 84602